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Introduction for Mona Barbera, Ph.D.

Introduction to Dr. Mona Barbera:

Dr. Mona has been included in the top ten couples therapists in the United States

She has over 30 years experience as a psychotherapist, couples therapist, and workshop leader.

She is the past Program Committee Chair of the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation and past Board member

Dr. Mona is the author of the acclaimed book Bring Yourself to Love: How Couples Can Turn Disconnection into Intimacy. It is the bronze medalist in the 2008 IPPY awards in the Relationships/Sexuality Category

She has a private practice in Boston and Providence where she sees only couples.

Dr. Mona has appeared on Fox25 TV in Boston and over 50 radio shows. She has been quoted in Better Homes and Gardens, Positive Thinking, Divorce 360,, Hudson Valley Press, Health Digest News, and 360boom.

She is an Assistant Trainer for Internal Family Systems and has presented at their annual conference 7 times

She likes love and is thrilled when couples can find unexpectedly, joyful moments of connection.

Let me introduce our speaker...

Please welcome...Dr. Mona Barbera

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Dr. Mona is a psychologist, couples therapist, couples workshop leader, speaker, and the author of Bring Yourself to Love: How Couples Can Turn Disconnection into Intimacy.
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